Yarnbombing Singapore - Singapore Mini Maker Faire - 13 July 2014

Last Sunday, we went for the last second session of the yarn bombing held at Senja-Cashew Community Centre, which was organised by Singapore Mini Maker Faire. I missed the previous session held at the Singapore Science Centre and determined not to miss this session again.

I brought my whole family down so that my hubby can look after the kids while I hang around. I was not expecting many crafters but glad the turnout was great!

Crafters busy at work
We were making a long scarf for the cardboard T-Rex which was made by a renowed local artist - Bart.

T-Rex in the making
After many hours of hardwork, we managed to decorate the T-Rex with the scarf we made. Beautiful, wasn't it?

Photo courtesy from Singapore Mini Maker Faire
The final session of this yarn bombing will be held on 13 July 2014, 10am till 1pm at the Senja-Cashew Community Centre.

I am already making some granny squares - 4 x 4 inch. Due to the limited amount of time at the venue, it is advisable if you can make some and bring over for connecting with the rest of the granny squares.

Playing with different sizes of the needle. The patterns are the same.

Hope to see you there! #yarnbombingsg


  1. sometimes i think we live in different worlds. i really dunno anything about yarn or crafting or scrapbooking which you are so pro at! pei fu!

    1. thanks for your compliment zhenzhu. I also admired you on your homeschool creations. I hope to work towards that and hopefully able to teach more on my own. :)


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