Flea market at Senja Cashew Community Centre - Project Gold 2014

I chanced upon this flea market recruitment while I was at the previous Yarnbombing session held two weeks ago at the Senja Cashew Community Centre. I asked my crafty partner Aiyen if she would be interested to share a booth with me and she agreed.

Happily and stressfully, I started to sew more items for this flea market within two weeks. It was not as easy as it seems with 2 kids who demanded lots of attention, especially when Small E was having high fever for 4 days. Both of them saw what I was doing and wanted to be part of the process too. I assigned an easy task for the younger one by instructing her to pass me a clip and I was surprised she could understand when I said " one please." As for the older one, I gave her harder tasks by cutting out the excessive threads from the sewing, overturning the fabrics and also lifting out the pins from the fabrics. Both of them did very well with their assigned tasks and I was grinning because I have found 2 assistants for my handmade business.

One of our friends who visited us there asked me how did I managed to sew so many items? I said, sacrificing sleep and careful planning. Besides sewing, I have to manage the packaging, tagging and designing my namecards for the flea myself. It was hardwork but fulfilling one. I love what I did.

Taken by Big E. I am training her to be the official photographer.
Items for sale
It was not easy participating in the flea without the support of my hubby and Aiyen. Hubby - who helped to take care of the kids by bringing them for lunch, to the library and shopping mall. Aiyen - who helped me tend my booth while I was attending to my children. This was my first flea after a long break. I would definately like to participate more moving forward so that I can expand my customer base and do what I love.

Besides the flea market activity, there was also a Hair for Hope activity on the other side of the building. I saw ladies and kids doing their part. I wonder when I will have this courage to shave off my short hair.

Hair for Hope
There were also game booths near the pool area. Big E tried almost all of them and had fun.

It was a tiring day for all of us. Strangely, hubby and I were quite awake even after midnight. (He is watching WorldCup 2014, while I blogged.)

Watch out for my next flea, hopefully soon. Will be listing new items in my blog and online shop.

Good night.