Homelearning: Playing with numbers

I admitted that I have slacked off my homelearning activities for the past weeks. We were jammed pack with other stuffs, school holidays, illnesses, sewing and yarnbombing. I really need to prepare more homelearning activities to occupy and teach Big E.

Maybe I need a planner to plan?

I needed some tabs with the dates of the month to sort out my photos for Project Life. I wanted her to practise her maths and writing so I asked her to write 1-31 for me. I gave her simple instructions by writing the numbers on one side of the tab first. Then, write the same number on the other side by turning the tab around. I was surprised at the outcome actually.

Can you spot the mistakes?

She wrote them correctly for single digit

More errors
I found out that she has difficulties writing double digits, especially 12, 21, 31, 13, 19,16. She has assumed that she has to write the same digit by referring to the one on top. She knew she had to write that number but her mind told her otherwise.

How did I explain to her?

I took out one tab and pasted onto a card. Asked her to write 16 on one side. Then flipped over and wrote the same number. She has no problem at all!


I told her to rewrite the incorrect tabs and be more confident. She was so happy that she can overcome.

Writing happily
You might want to try with your kids.

Have fun!