Molly, The Mobile Library Bus

We are blessed that the nearest library is just one train stop away from where we live. Sometimes, we went to those which are situated inside shopping malls. Very convenient for our children to relax and chill out in the aircon place. We believe that it is important for our children to be exposed to books at an early age. So glad that Big E loves to read and Small E likes to flip books even though we hardly read to her.

I chanced upon this banner near our house which showed the schedule of Molly, The Mobile Library bus. It was first launched in april 2008 to reach out to people who could not visit the libraries regularly or have difficulties going. I decided to bring the girls there to check out the bus since it was within walking distance.

The bus
Posing before getting onto the bus

All of us were very excited as we were unsure what the bus can offer. There were 3000 books and audio visual materials to select. They had more children than adult books, even have Chinese, Malay and Tamil books! I was happy to find books that we never seen before in the libraries that we went. Probably they were snapped out fast! We can also returned books at the side of the bus.

Once inside, they were hooked and would not want to alight. Although the space was quite limited, we had no problem picking their favorite books. There was aircon too!

Selecting books

Enjoying the reading time
If you are interested to visit the library bus, do check the schedule via the link - and select "Molly, the Mobile Library" under the Upcoming Programmes. (On the right hand side of the website)

By the way, there was also a promotion happening there. If you borrowed x number of books, you can exchange for a freebie - recycle bag, pencil case, towel, etc.

We picked the recycle bag to put the books
We will be going there again. If your kids have not been to one, I recommend you to bring them there.