My First Handsewn Patchwork Block - Sew A Long with ZakkaArt

It has always been in my wish list to start my quilting. Last year, I took part in a mini quilt swap and only till now, I restarted my engine to quilt. Again, by handsewn instead of machine sewn.

I like to stress that I am quite lousy in handsewing. However, I am not going to let this stop my determination to sew up a block. Practice make perfect right? ;)

I saw this sew-a-long activity by ZakkaArt over at Instagram the other day and browse through her blog to find out more. She will be guiding through her blog by sewing 18 blocks over the next 18 weeks. 1 block per week. Easy and manageable I felt. I took out my fabric stash and decided to use green fabrics for this Nine Patch. Very easy for beginner like me.

Here is what I have done over one afternoon.

Block 1 - Nine Patch
What do you think? Do hope over her blog for more details. I can't wait to do Block 2 soon.