Yarnbombing Singapore - Singapore Mini Maker Faire

We were at the last session of the Yarnbombing Singapore event at Senja Cashew Community Centre last Sunday. It was a hot and sunny day. The hubby and kids went for a swim and had fun at the swimming pool while the hardworking mummy was busy crocheting the granny squares with the rest of the other crafty ladies.

Sewing the granny squares together
My biggest piece

My smallest piece

Look at how beautiful the pieces were together. Kudos to all the contributions from the ladies.

Some of the designs
We even wrote down how we felt about the Yarnbombing event after all the sessions.

We even have Korean!
Here's mine

After 6 hours, we managed to decorate one of the pillar with all the pieces we had. It measured 1.63m x 2m wide.

The amazing piece of work will still be there for the Singapore Mini Maker Faire on 26-27 July. There will also be other activities happening - presentations, workshops, etc. You can check the programmes via http://makerfairesingapore.com/.

Plus, if you are interested to become a volunteer at the event, you can register via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1In9fZaEKRyPXa_IS7pK0dd2Ve61BqNIVx331JHZJ_oI/viewform

I was going to take a short break from crafts after I went back home. However, it was shortlived the next day when Big E requested me to make new hairpins for her and I was sewing my second patchwork block. I guess I could not be away from crafts for too long.

I would not mind at all. :)

PS. I would also like to thank my hubby for taking care of the kids for so long so that I can participate in the event. And also my kids who supported me all the way without distruptions.

And lastly, to Agatha, Mona and Kiat Teng for organising this wonderful crafty event.


  1. Thank you for coming and taking part! I got to know you better during the 2 days :-)

  2. Great to know you from the event!


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