Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 5 - Basket

I am a little late for this post as I just finished the sewing last night. It was difficult and challenging for me as it was my first applique. I never sewed an applique before. Long heard about using freezer paper or starch but never try before till this block 5 surfaced at ZakkaArt's sew-a-long.

There were lots of measuring and cutting for this particular block called Basket. You can download the template via her page. The handle was the applique that I was talking about. Her instructions were very clear and helpful and I am so glad I managed to sew it, though it was not perfect. I used the Gutermann quilting thread that I bought last week. Quite soft to use but the thread tangled once as compared to the Daiso handsewing thread I bought which is more stiff but never tangled so far.

Block 5 - Basket
The next block is the Ribbon. Can't wait to try out tonight as it is fairly easy for beginner. I realised I do not have purple floral fabric. Maybe it is time for me to buy?

My thought about this? I am so happy that I managed to pull off this block. Moving forward, I will not be afraid to try more complicated one coming my way. I like the orange and green colour combination. What do you think?


  1. It came out beautiful, great job with the applique!

    1. Thanks! It was my first and was fun!


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