Offline Game - Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle

Big E used to love watching youtube videos on certain cartoons, toys and educational types. We resorted to giving her our handphones to watch during mealtime, in the train or sometimes in our living room so that I can do my chores undisturbed. It used to be difficult to feed her as she couldn't sit long enough on the high chair. I even switched on tv or let her played toys.  Did not work. Yes , I agreed to certain extend that we shouldn't let her watch in the first place. I guessed we failed as she just refused to eat her food properly.

Those days were long gone as she outgrew it and I am so happy. At least she has more offline games to play and read more books. Or it could be because she has a sibling to play with. Or maybe I kept her occupied.

Just hope Small E won't followed her footsteps of watching youtube so early.

The other day, I was packing my storeroom and found this game - Rush Hour Traffic Jam puzzle. I showed  her and she was excited.

It was my Christmas present ages ago.

Inside view

I was surprised that she can solved the stage one puzzles by herself after I taught her the elementary steps. I kept encouraging her to try when she was stuck. I like this game because I can also try on the difficult ones myself and it's a great bonding game. Why not?

Just yesterday, I was offline myself for 8 hours in the day as my handphone was charging and I was not at home. I never felt weird and in fact, amazed that I could "survive" without sacrificing the time I spent with them. I used to check my handphone every hour and spent 5-10mins browsing till it got into me.

Playing and spending time with my kids did indeed break me away from the online world and I did not missed it.

You should try it yourself one day.


  1. Great idea to keep her busy with the puzzles! My girl and younger boy loves puzzles too. Where did you buy this one? It looks unique!

  2. it was a gift. major toy shops should have


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