Creativity 521: Arm Painting with Snazaroo

It has been a long while since I blogged about a craft that I did with Big E. My mojo was really bad these days and I had to divert to easier crafts like crochet and project life.

Big E liked the arm painting that she had at Cool De Sac the last time and had been bugging me to draw on her face or arm many times. I had no choice but to buy this face paint - Snazaroo from Artfriend to satisfy her desire. It was my scrapper friend who recommended me to buy the palette type.

I dare not try painting on her face yet as I am not that confident because my drawing sucks big time. These were what I did on her arms so far on two occasions.

On National Day

On one of the afternoon
As you can see, these were very simple drawings that I guess she can draw better than me. Oh, she remarked that she will draw for me the next time round. It should be fun.

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  1. Cool! You should try painting the face soon, I am sure you will do a great job and she will be very happy no matter how it turns out! =) Thanks for linking up! =p


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