Kids' craft - Hama Beads

More than 6 years ago, I was at my cousin's house when I saw some cute beads that could turned into beautiful designs. She bought them from Ikea then. I did more research and saw another type called Hama beads and I was keen and bought almost all of the Midi beads (with diameter of 5mm and widely used size) colours they have to make lovely designs. After a while, my interest died down as there were so much I could do and not fun to do alone (before I had kids). Now those beads are kept into a big box inside my storeroom.

Last year, we went to Growing Fun as there was a sale in the shop. Big E saw a box of the Maxi beads designed for preschooler as the beads have a diameter of 10mm. They were easier to hold due to the size. Inside the box, there were also some design templates that she could use to put the beads.

Back home, she played the beads and her interest died down very fast. She just placed the beads anyhow with no design in her mind.

This year, it was something different and surprised us. She was playing quietly at one corner when my husband checked on her. He told me quickly what he saw and we went to look.

Beautifully done
We were extremely proud of her as she could design this all by herself and made it balance. For those who knew about the templates, you knew that there was no indication of the colours or where the outlines were.

Some day, I will have to bring out the Midi beads for her to design more complicated stuff. You can also surfed Pinterest to search for more cute templates.

This is yet another lesson I learnt. Never force her to do things till she is ready. :)