Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 10 - Spring Beauty

I felt I was hitting a road block yesterday and feeling super grouchy. Nothing seems to be able to decrease my frustration. I wanted to go shopping for new fabrics but could not as the shop was too far from my house. I will be very happy if I was able to work in a fabric shop and of course will be very broke too.

Then, I saw the Block 10 template on my magnetic notice board and decided to sew it. I printed all the outstanding ones and sticked onto the board as a reminder for myself on the untouched patterns. I looked through my fabrics and decided to use the blue vintage detash pack I bought from Instagram.

Work in progress
For this block, there were lots of curves to be drawn. Wynn from ZakkaArt taught a good method to save time in drawing the templates and seams on the cloth. I just needed to prepare one set on the cardboard and ready to draw directly onto the cloth. You can download the template here.

Arrangement of the patches

From the photograph above, you can see that there were more curves than straight lines to be sewed. It was challenging for me as I needed to pin two pieces of patches in batches, just like how I sewed the basket handle from my previous block. I took longer time to complete this block.

Block 10 - Spring Beauty

Super loved this blue vintage block that I sewed. What do you think of it?

The next block will have more curves too. :) It is another beautiful block as well.


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