Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 11 - Alice's Patchwork

I was in the sewing mode after finishing my last block 10 - Spring Beauty and could not wait to start Block 11 - Alice's Patchwork. As I mentioned in my previous block, you will expect more curves to sew in this block. I was so right about it and took me so much longer time. There were more patches to cut too. You can download the template from ZakkaArt.

Preparing all the patches
Daiso container to sort the parts
I used this container from Daiso to sort the patches as I need to sew 4 similar patches (see below photo) and combine them in the last step.

One section

Then I placed the 4 sections and layed out according to my liking.

Placing the patches
Last step will be to handsew the four together.

Block 11 - Alice's Patchwork
This was the most difficult block I have sewed up. I would love to try sewing this block in the future to practise.

I can't wait for Block 12 to be revealed. Meanwhile, I bought a new Japanese patchwork book from Kinokuniya last weekend and super love the designs. *Hands itchy*


  1. Wow, it looks challenging, but you did great! I think when I'm going to stick to the easier ones for now :-). PS: When you have time, please show us and let us know how you like your new patchwork book ;-).


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