Kid's game - Motor skills for toddler using cloth clippers

We do not need expensive or new toys and learning tools to train a toddler's motor skills. I believe most of you will agreed with me. Any thing in your house can be a play thing.

My youngest is at her most exploratory stage and always keen to follow me while I am doing my chores. Recently, she loves to play with the cloth clipper basket and hands me one while I hanged the clothes on the bamboo. She will wait for my cue and diligently pass me one.

Cloth clippers
There are so many great motor skills to play with the clippers. Here are 2 activities that you can play with your toddler:

1. Placing the clips in smaller baskets or containers. We can also teach them to recognise colours and sort when they are ready.

Placement of clip. Cute baskets from Daiso. :)

2. You can clip them onto the rim and ask to remove them out. Be warned, they can remove quicker than you think and mine always request to play again and again...

You can also clip onto their pants or tees.

At play
Simple game could occupy her for 10 mins. Try it and it can be lots of fun.