Sewing Tip 1: Magnetic Pin Holder

After sewing for a few years, I found some simplified methods or tools to help in my daily sewing. Not only they sped up my time taken to complete one piece of work, they also freed up my time to spend more time with my children (which is important, as they always come first)

I will be sharing a series of some sewing tips with my readers on my blog that I found useful which you might consider implementing as well.

Today, I am introducing this Magnetic Pin Holder that I bought at Sing Mui Heng that cost $6.00(or you can find at Spotlight too).

Magnetic Pin Holder
1. You do not have to pin one by one onto the pin cushion anymore when you sew. In fact, you just need to "drop" the pins onto this magnetic pin holder and continue sewing.
2. You can also use this to gather the pins that are lying on the table top or sewing machine at one go by turning it upside down.
3. This can also be used as a stopper to prevent the fabric from moving during cutting.
4. It is easy to clean.

I will be sharing more sewing tips in my blog. Do look out for them.

Hope you like my suggestion. :)

PS. This is not a sponsored post and I have no association with Sing Mui Heng or Spotlight. These are my own finding and recommendation.