Creativity 521: Mould and Paint Crafts

It has been a long time since I linked up with Creativity 521. Last week, we managed to do some mould and paint crafts. Big E wanted to give some of her creations to her classmates during her birthday celebration.

My friend gave her this Mould and Paint Fridge Magnets for Big E's birthday. She can't wait too long to do this. Luckily, she was patient enough to wait for weekend to come so that my hubby could take care Small E while we did this.

Birthday gift
It was also her first in doing something like that. I had to guide her and helped her in a way as she was not very confident in mixing the powder with water. We had to mix it very quickly before the mould got dry up to be placed into the moulds. One pack of powder could only filled up 2 moulding plates (there are 3 in the pack).

Into the moulds
We left the moulds to dry for the rest of the day even though the instructions said 1 hour. It was a humid day due to the rain. The moulds could not be dried up fast enough.

Dried moulds
Big E could not wait to start colouring them. Strangely, there were only 4 colours in the pack - yellow, white, pink and blue. I had to give her our own watercolours to use.

Her masterpieces
The magnets were given, however, the tape on the magnet is too weak to be sticked onto the back of the moulds. I tried a stronger doublesided tape and failed too. I seek my friend's advice and she recommended super glue! It worked!!

Big E packed them nicely into the transparent bags and gave out in her class. She wanted to make more again.

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  1. Yeah we made these before too! Easy and fun! Great way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day! Thanks for linking up! =)


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