Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 13 - Rose of Sharing

I am glad that I am on track with the handsewpatchwork sew-a-long. In fact, I always look forward to the next release of the block every week. Always anticipating.

Selecting the fabrics from my stash which I bought from Yvette

I was wrong to think that this block was difficult. There were no curves to sew together. In fact, you just have to sew the raw edges of the rose onto the backing cloth. Like handsewing an applique.

You can download the template from ZakkaArt. There is just one template to prepare. You have to select 8 pieces of cloth and 1 for the backing. Important to take note is that you have to mark two points on each pieces to mark the start and end of the curves.

Laying out the petals
Sew two pieces of the petals together first and you will have 4 sets. Remember to sew till the marking you have indicated. (Read more from ZakkaArt's detailed instructions.) Then combine 2 sets of the sewn pieces so that you will ended up 2 sets. After that, you can combine all together. Fairly easy as all are straight lines.

Then use the back cloth and sew the petals' raw edges onto it like an applique.

Block 13 - Rose of Sharing

Love this colour combination. Hope you have fun.