Hexagon ATC - using English Paper Piercing

Ever since I started doing english paper piercing (epp) on hexagons and dresden plate, there is no looking back. I am hooked on small sizes (smaller than 1/2") and they look so cute.

October was a month for my UK ATC swap and the theme was hexagons. I love hexagons! I wanted to make something special for one of the ATC. So I used 4 of my 3/4" orange hexagon epp pieces to design.

Hexagons - Front
Hexagons - Back
I kept the paper inside the fabric to serve as a solid backing for me to glue onto the ATC. How did it look?

Hexagon ATC
These were the cards I made for my partner.

These were from her.

Lovely ATCs
I am stocking up on hexagon epp using my fabric stashes. I can't wait to make them into beautiful projects. You can follow me at my Instagram account - @joeycraftworkz for my WIPs.