Sewing Tip 2: Tracing Spatula

Welcome to my Sewing Tip series again. Today, I will be sharing with you my second tip for sewing or quilting - Tracing Spatula or some called it Hera Marker. You can buy this from our friendly store Daiso for $2.

(You can read my first tip here on Magnetic Pin Holder.)

Tracing Spatula
Some of you are unsure what this tracing spatula is for. It is for you to trace out or mark on the fabric of the design that you want to sew on. It will give a shiny line on the fabric as it leaves no residue.

So what else I use this for?

Creasing the fabric for my zakka patchwork blocks. Sometimes, I am so lazy to take out my iron and ironing board for a small project. I use the tracing spatula to press the joints for my blocks.

Place on the joints of the fabrics that you want to press

Apply pressure across

Almost done
Does it look neat "enough"?

My Card Trick block
Hope you like my tip. :)