Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 14 - House

I am so behind with the handsewpatchwork sew-a-long. Block 15 is already revealed and I just printed the template. I shall not revealed what is the design for Block 15 here. Today, I will be sharing my Block 14 - House.

There are a lot of templates to be cut. A total of 12 in fact. The most templates that I have dealed with so far. Don't say I never warned you. :)

You can download from ZakkaArt.

Lots of templates to be cut
Placing the fabrics accordingly

Despite the number of templates that you have to cut, sewing them together was very easy. I did them row by row, straight stitches with no curves. You have to flip some templates when you drew onto the wrong side of the fabric. I had an error for the rooftop (the pink fabric).

Block 14 - House
I will try sewing this block again. It is quite cute actually. Besides, after preparing so many templates, I don't want to waste my effort. If you know what I mean....;p