I Didn't Throw It Away!

Many people said: "Crafters and sewists are hoarders."

Well, I admit I am one even before I craft or sew. I am just one of those who appreciate things and love to keep them

I was invited by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy to this blogtrain on "I Didn't Throw It Away", together with some Singapore and overseas bloggers, who will be sharing some of our lovely sentimentals/goodies that we have kept for 20 years or more.

I am quite good at hiding all these stuff in all corners that I can find in my house and my parents'. Here are some of the things that I picked and would like to share why I kept them for so long.

1. Sewing notions

Pass down
My mother has been using this pair of scissors for her tailoring days when I was younger. She has stopped sewing and gave me this pair. (She can predict I would sew, you know.) It can still be used but I think it has to be sent for sharpening if I were to use to cut my fabrics. The embroidery hoop was from my auntie who did cross stitches and given to me for the same reason. I used it to handsew my quilt instead. (Note that it was bought at Yaohan as you can see from the price tag.)

2. Bus and cinema tickets

Old bus tickets
I love to ride on the old buses to visit my grandparents. In the past, we paid the fare to the bus conductor after we sat down. He will go around issuing these tickets and punch a hole on the date. I kept them because I like the designs and the memories I had with my parents on the bus. (Used to sleep on my mum's lap throughout the journey.)

Old cinema tickets
Don't ask me why I still kept these old cinema tickets. I guess they were of sentimental value to me or simply love to collect paper stuffs. The red marking was the seat number. How cool it was! I am glad I kept them which I will show to my kids some day.

3. Guiding days

Guiding stuff
I still kept these in my cupboard but I don't know where was my uniform. :( Maybe it was thrown away or it was still hidden some where. These were great sentimental for me as I had a super great time in my guiding days during secondary school. Great friendship were formed and some of the guides are still in contact with me.

4. Plastic bags

Who can still remember this brand called "heshe"? I used it to keep some of my old goodies. I still have some old shopping bags like Daimaru, Sogo, Yaohan hiding in the box inside my storeroom. (These shopping centres were in Singapore in the past but pulled out after many years of operating.)

Follow the Blog Train

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Green Issues by Agy on "I Didn't Throw It Away". We have become such a throw-away society, but there are some things in our households that we still keep. Why is that so? Perhaps this blog train can unlock the reasons behind it! Follow the daily posts on this blog train and read about the stories behind the things we have kept for many years and why we didn't throw them away.

Tomorrow Adora from Gingerbreadmum will share with us the stories behind the things she didn't throw away. Adora is an old soul trapped in a not so old body. She has a weird memory of strange random things, like how much chicken wings cost at her primary school's tuckshop, and the names of all her primary one classmates. Being a mum to Poppy, 6 and Calla, 2.5, gives Adora the excuse to revisit her own childhood by introducing old school games to them. She blogs about her life with kids through anecdotes and drawings at www.gingerbreadmum.com.


  1. I love the scissors!! My mum kept her bus tickets too, and she still has the big needle box that was gifted to her when she finished high school.Thank you for joining!!

  2. I keep those bus tickets too!! I had so many if them, that I used it to wrap the cover of my mini notebook(shield the book cover with a plastic piece). I think, that notebook is still well-kept in my treasure box... haa, admittedly, I am a hoarder too;p

  3. I love that you've kept those old bus tickets - what precious and wonderful memories! For sure something your kids will love to see and hear about!

  4. Cant believe u kept every ticket! Looks cool :)

  5. Wow, those bus tickets and cinema tickets! So nostalgic!

  6. I like that you still keep those plastic bags. I too, collect some shopping bags from my favorite brands, especially the ones that have closed down or hard to find! Perhaps I'll blog about them one day :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S.: I also joined the blog train, and this is my story (published on January 9) - http://www.fafafoom.com/didnt-throw-away-3-things-20-years-later/


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