Something patchy for the Season

Happy Boxing Day to all!

Hope you have received lots of presents and ate lots of good food. My kids were the happiest as they received presents from our friends and relatives. I tried as much to sew or make gifts. Despite my early planning, I could not finished or made something for everyone.

Today, I am sharing 2 patchwork bags that I sewn from the scraps I have collected. It was my first attempt making square patches bags and I loved the outcome.

Sorting out the squares
I used the 2.5inch square patches for the bags. I love bright colours and selected orange, light blue and red. I picked gingham pattern for the binders and handstitch using whip stitches.

Gingham binders
Lace motif for the inside
I used these rose lace motif for the inside to cover up the stitches for the handles. Aren't they lovely?

Patchy bags done!
I also added laces at the bottom of the patches. Hope the ladies will like them. My hubby and kid like my work too. I am so encouraged to explore more bags. Be it more squares or other patterns.