Handsewpatchwork Sew-a-long Block 15 - Peter's Paint Box

Block 15 - Peter's Paint Box will be the second last block for the handsewpatchwork sew-a-long. I never knew I did all faithfully and concurred my fear of handsewing. I relied on my sewing machine more in the past. But now, I can handsew my blocks or hexagons english paper piercing (epp) when the kids are asleep or when I wanted to watch TV or if I were lazy to switch on my Singer machine.

Thanks to Instagram, it opened my world to patchwork, handsewing and epp from around the world. I started to participate in more sew-a-longs and made more stuff that I never tried before. (Follow me at @joeycraftworkz in Instagram to find out what I am up to if you are keen.)

Preparing for Block 15
Block 15 was fairly easy even though I had to recut some of the pieces. No funny curves, just sew on straight lines. You had to flip the template before you drew onto the fabric and cut especially for the blue pieces. There are no issues on the other pieces. You can download the template via ZakkaArt.

Block 15 - Peter's Paint Box

I used new colour combinations and added some browns. These were all scraps. :)

Have fun!