Skirts for my girls - Made by me

I have not been sewing much for my children ever since I am hooked on patchwork and english paper piercing. I have lots of fabrics ready to be cut and sewn by my sewing machine. 2015 will be different as I hope to sew more for them. I bought 2 sewing books, waiting for me to cut out the patterns. Even Big E was impressed by the dress that I planned to sew.

I am decluttering and organising my workspace these days and could not wait to start sewing in an organised environment. I know it will be messy again, soon (this is for sure.).

I brought Big E to Sing Mui Heng to buy some fabrics. She saw this fabric from Ann Kelle's Girlfriend Fairy Princess and requested me to sew something for her. This is so cute and I love Ann Kelle's design too.

Ann Kelle's collection
I decided to sew a simple skirt for each of them which took me a day to finish. I also added a red embroidery lace at the bottom of the skirt to beautify. Big E loves to wear this at every opportunity she has. I am over the moon.

Lace lace lace


  1. The fabric is soooooo cute!!! Itching to buy more fabric to add to my fabric mountain :p

    1. That is very common. I love to collect fabric as well. :)


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