Economy Block 2015 - My own challenge

I have set some goals for myself in 2015 regarding patchwork or quilting. Attainable ones for sure. I know I will not have enough time to make a quilt, mini ones possible though. I have been doing research on Instagram, books and over the web on the pattern.

Economy blocks or some called it Square in a Square, looks easy and beautiful to sew. I decided to make them using fabrics from my stash baskets. Once I decided the fabric, I can make at least one per day. Sounds good!

Here are some of the blocks I have made so far. If you are keen on my live updates, you can follow me at my Instagram account - joeycraftworkz.

I have created an album in Flickr to store all my Economy Blocks too. If you are interested to see more, you can follow me in Flickr as well.

Which is/are your favorite?


  1. What a good idea to use up all those odd pieces of fabric left over from other projects. I like the bee one best.

    1. I have lots of scraps. I love working with them too. :)


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