Hama beads - Elsa and Cinderella

As per my last post on hama beads, I exposed Big E with the midi size of the beads to create easy design with her own creativity. Over the months, there had been many exposure from fellow mummy bloggers and I decided to let her try on the mini version of the hama beads.

Mini hama beads

She browsed through the princesses designs from the Kandi Patterns.com and picked 2 of her favourites - Elsa and Cinderella. It was not easy for her as she has to use the square board and the beads are small for her to place onto the board. So she used tweezer to pick them up. I had to use a cardboard to serve as a guide, cover row by row, so that she will not skip and miss out.

I found that it is a good exercise for counting and brushed up her mathematics. Although she faced some difficulties, at the end of it, she did a good job. The designs found at Kandi Patterns.com are quite big for her. So I cut by half so that she will not be bored. Luckily, her concentration was good and would not want to stop till she finished.


Elsa, Cinderella and some other pieces
These are ready to be decorated in the house. :)