Handsew hexagons applique for kid's singlet

One of my 2015 resolution is to sew more apparels for my children. I just finished handsewing a hexagon applique onto Big E's singlet. The process was long but worth it.

First, I used the english paper piercing method to sew the hexagons one by one with my scraps. (Yeah to sewing scraps!) I used 3/4inch papers for this project. Big E selected the hexagons she liked and arranged all by herself. I said she did a fantastic job in the arrangement. What do you say?

Layout of the hexies
The next step was to sew up the hexagons together by hand. I took about 3 days to sew them up during my breaks looking after the kids.

After that, I removed the batting and paper before pinning up the applique onto the singlet with safety pins. I chose to handstitch as I feel I have more control as compared to machine sewing.

Sewing onto the singlet
Big E wanted buttons on her singlet. She picked some from my organiser and I began to sew them onto the hexagons on the next day.

Buttons buttons!
Completed singlet
Ta-da!! My first handsew hexagon top. Maybe I should sew one for myself too.