Hexagon table mat - English Piercing Method

These few days, my hands were rested well after a week of hexagons English Piercing and handsewed them into a table mat. There was a great amount of satisfaction that I received from my first handsewed project. Definately not going to be the last I guaranteed. :)

Let me share the pictures with you.

I ran through my fabrics and decided to use Lecien fabrics from the 30's old collection and Retro Child's Smile. Oooh... they are simply adorable with retro vintage kind of colours.

Arrangement of the hexagons
Sewing the hexagons together
Love the handsew effect
I had some difficulties sewing the outlines of the hexagons as I had to sew 3 layers of batting, hexagons and backing fabric. I thought I could sew quickly. But no, I need to have a lot of patience and patience. The sewing took me a few days to complete even though the table mat is quite small.

After completing, I wanted to sew the edges with the hexagon finishing instead of straight lines. I browsed through the online tutorials and found Badskirt who gave a good tutorial on how to finish the way I wanted with a slight twist in mine. Instead of using full hexagons, I used half. :)

Sewing the half hexagons on the edges
This is my completed project. What do you say?



My daughter commented that the floral backing fabric looked like a garden. I said it looked very vintage. The pink border is sewed up with half hexagons.


  1. Beautiful! I've been meaning to sew something similar but haven't been able to find a good pattern for it.


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