Quilty Fun Sew Along - Flowerbloom

Ever since I bought the Quilty Fun book from Fatquarter shop and followed Lori Holt on Instagram, I always looked forward to participate in fun sew along activities. At least I could feel that I have people accompanying throughout the entire journey and do not feel lonely in a way.

My surrounding friends do not quilt nor patchwork and sometimes it is hard to explain or share my passion. Luckily I found some via the social media and most of them are from overseas. I also joined groups to get advice and inspirations.

I played along the Flowerbloom sew along via Instagram last month which I had to refer to the Quilty Fun book for instructions. I was afraid to try so I started out with one. It was sweet as described by my daughter.

First flowerblooom block
So I prepared more.

Preparing the fabrics

Some pinks and greys
It was addictive so I made some more the next day.

More and more
28 blocks
I stopped at 28 blocks as it looked huge after I layed them out on the floor. I have never done something so big before. My mind went into blank in terms of the borders and connectivity after that. Hee. So I kept the blocks aside till I am ready to pick up this quilt again. Hopefully soon.


  1. They are all so beautiful! The main block could be easily made in EPP... may have to try someday.


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