Handsewn bed quilt - Biggest project that I ever done - WIP

Hello weekend!

For the past few days, I am keeping myself very busy till my right arm is aching and I decided to take a break from sewing. Here I am, blogging about what I did.

Last week, I bought 2 lovely books from Kinokuniya at their member sale - Patchwork Tsushin and Basic Embroidery books.

As I browsed through the Patchwork Tsushin magazine, I was captured by one of the handsewn bed quilt by 藤田久美子 or Kumiko.FUJITA (website: http://www.quiltersstudio.jp/). I wanted to handsew one for my child. Even she herself agreed to make one for her own bed.

Without much delay, I quickly prepared the template using cardboard. I used them for my fuzzy cutting for each of the blocks. I was unprepared for the amount of blocks I had to sew as it was huge for me. I did mini ones before but never at this scale.

Cardboard templates
I selected the Petite Marianne series from Lecien as my main hexagon blocks. These images suited my big hexagon blocks perfectly. The only thing was I did not have enough to cover all hexagons. I have to substitute with other designs as I only bought 1 yard.

Petite Marianne collection
I prepared and sewed the diamonds blocks, which I used pink and green colours.

Diamond blocks

I cut the triangles using my aqua and light shades of blues in my collection. As you guessed, the main colour of this bed quilt will be blue. It is currently my daughter's favorite, hopefully she will not change her mind again towards the end.

Fabrics prepared
The block was fairly easy to sew as there were no curves to tackle at all. This was the main reason for me to choose this. I do not like to sew curves esp if I had to handsew one bed quilt.

2 of the blocks
Taking shape
I calculated that I can sew 10 blocks in a week. Taking that into consideration, I will be able to finish 120 blocks in 12 weeks. Geez!!

Wish me lots of luck if you could. :)