Preschooler game - A great way to test colour blindness

I was afraid that Small E was colour blind initially. One time I taught her colours and asked her what the colours were, she will always answered the wrong one. Sometimes it was on purpose, sometimes she was trying her luck and testing her mummy's patience.

So one fine day, I decided to test her using tools I bought from Daiso Singapore - clips and divided container. These are my stationeries for my house.

Clips in 5 colours

A divided container
I placed one colour clip on each divided slot and encouraged her to do the same as me. She could not sorted out correctly in the beginning. But after a few tries, she could do it independently and even copied me by saying "NO" if she placed the wrong coloured clip in the wrong slot.

Managed to sort out correctly after a few tries
Now, I used this sorting game to engage her when I wanted a minute of time to do some stuff at home. At least I know she was not colour blind afterall. :)