Chalking, anyone?

School holidays are coming to an end very soon. Seriously, it is not much a difference for us as I am always in the house with the children. The only thing I had to do was making sure I have activities for them or simply left them to play on their own.

My children loves to doodle. We adults are not. Papers and colouring pens are a must-bring stuff in my bag in case they have nothing to do outside. We tried not to use our handphones to entertain them except on certain circumstances like in the MRT etc.

I always wanted to buy chalks for them to draw onto the IKEA drawing panel - one side is white board, the other is a chalkboard. However, my hubby thinks that chalk dusts will be difficult to clear in the house and not agreeable for me to buy.

Nevertheless, I still bought a pack of chalks, behind his back (of course!).

So instead of drawing onto the IKEA panel, I told them to draw outside the house.

Chalking on the floor

As usual, Small E scribbles while Big E draws.

This is ME!
I drew hopscotch and Big E and I had terrific time hopping.