Patchwork cushion cover for my house

It has been a long time since I sewed something for the house. I have been dreaming to transform my house with handmade patchwork stuff. Slowly but surely. :)

This week, I made one patchwork cushion cover using square patches. Squares are the easiest form of patchwork and can be completed in 1 or 2 days for a small project (depending on the distractions in the house) I used 2.5inches and 4.5inches squares for the whole project with some fuzzy cuttings on the cute animal designs from Lecien fabrics and Me and My Sister Designs.

Preparing the squares
Too bad, I am unsure which fabric company the yellow fabric came from. Probably from Atsuko Matsuyama, one of my favourite Japanese designer. I wish I can collect all of her fabulous designs. However, it will cost me a lot.

Sewed up the squares together
I did the top stitch by using Finca perle cotton size 8, code 642. I seems to have problem with the needle going through the quilt top. Do you have any suggestion on the needle brand and size that I can change to?

Handstitching in the late night
Cushion Cover done up
I realised I do not have a lot of red designed cloth in my cabinet. It is quite a challenge to find certain colours that I like. Maybe I never look hard around. Anyway, luckily this combination looks great on the cushion cover.

I would like to do more patchwork that is easy and simple. Most importantly, it will not take up too much time to complete. Perhaps more squares again?