Week that I had gone crazy over books

In Singapore, we are having our long holiday, starting now till monday where we will be celebrating our country's 50th birthday on 9 August. Finally, I can blog after weeks of absence. I have been busy sewing and listing up my handmades over at my Etsy.com shop plus other sewing projects and packing my craft materials.

Over the week, I had gone crazy over buying books at the SG Book Deals warehouse sale (till 10 August) and Kinokuniya sale (over). I have never bought so many books at one shot but very worth it at the warehouse sale. The sewing and quilting books snapped up very fast and heard it will be replenished on friday. The promotion is to fill up one box of any number of books for a price of $50. I bought 38 books and it just cost me $1plus per book.

Here are my books that I bought from the warehouse sale which I have yet to read them all.


More projects

Grabbed and go.

Some day, I will try mix media.

My current interest.
These are my purchases from Kinokuniya.

Great book for using my fabric stash.

The Tatty Teddy will be my next project. So cute!
Lots of books to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Hopefully, I can make something out from these books soon.