NHK Sutekini Handmade - Atsuko Matsuyama Monthly quilt "Fruit Fantasy" Sew A-Long Block 5 & 6 - Fruits Applique and Flowers patchwork (NHKテレビテキスト すてきにハンドメイド 松山敦子のマンスリーキルト「フルーツ・ファンタジー」)

It is the last day of 2015!!

Before I say goodbye in another few hours, I want to share with you the 2 blocks that I managed to finish this afternoon inside the 2015 Issue 12 NHKテレビテキスト すてきにハンドメイ.

I love this patchwork pattern of block 5 and would love to sew up more to make a mini quilt. It is called Greek Cross. There were only 4 templates to cut but lots of pieces to make one block.

Block 5
Frankly, block 6 is a challenge to me once again as it is a fruit basket applique. There are 31 pieces to iron and sew onto the background cloth. But I still love the outcome of my handsewn piece.

Sewing up the pieces

Block 6
Pretty tedious from the look of it. I took about 2 days to finish this applique block. But the result is so kawaii.

This will be the last piece of my work for 2015. Moving on to 2016, I will definitely be sewing more and more and catch up on my WIPs.

Wish everyone a Happy 2016!!