NHK Sutekini Handmade - Atsuko Matsuyama Monthly quilt "Fruit Fantasy" Sew A-Long Block 7 & 8 - Dresden Plate and Flowers patchwork (NHKテレビテキスト すてきにハンドメイド 松山敦子のマンスリーキルト「フルーツ・ファンタジー」)

February is a very very busy month for me. In fact, I started to do my spring cleaning for the new year in January. So much so that I did not have time to do much handsewing or patchwork. I was so exhausted de-cluttering my house and have no mood at all. 5 more days to Chinese New Year. I hope I can rush out 2 cheongsams within these 2-3 days.

I am catching up on my sew-a-long. There are just a few more blocks and the next March issue will be the finishing part. Gee! I will be happy to complete one handsew quilt if I quickened my pace. I combined both 2016 Issue 1 and 2 NHKテレビテキスト すてきにハンドメイ and did the patchwork blocks before handling the applique blocks.

I also bought Cotton Time magazine to get inspirations.
Sewing patchwork pieces was a breeze to me as they are pretty straight forward. I have never sewed a round dresden plate before but glad I did. I hope to try out more in the future if I could. You can viewed my pointed dresden plates by colours in my previous post.

Laying out Block 7

Block 7 completed
Next, it was the flower blocks. Very easy to sew as they are just straight stitches. I completed in less than a day. You just need a rectangle, square and triangle-shaped templates.

Preparing for the block.

I can't wait to finish this one in a day.

Block 8 completed
The next 2 blocks will be strawberries. I have prepared the materials for block 9 but no time to sit down and sew.

Nevertheless, I wish all an advanced Lunar New Year !


  1. Your dresden plate is stunning! I've never gotten mone to come out right and have given up entirely on trying to make them, haha. Love your fabrics by the way.

    1. You can try using English Paper Piercing method for the pointed dresden plates. I started off with that. ;) Thanks for your comment.


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