Sashiko - My first 2017 project

Happy New Year to all!

I have always wanted to try on Sashiko. Perhaps it is because of my love of hand stitching. Funny thing is, even though cross stitching is also hand stitching, but I could not finish my Once Upon A Time Sampler project after so many months.Oh well, I will try my best to complete the remaining 6 months by first half of 2017.

I bought the Olympus Thread Sashiko printed pattern in 2016 at Golden Dragon store. The kits are very limited in design and nothing much on Sashiko in the shop. Even the threads colours are super limited and the cloths too. I wish there will be more on Sashiko in Singapore so that I do not have to buy online from overseas. 

The Sashiko pattern is cute!

My maiden sashiko.project is finished in two days. I need lots of practices for sure. Would love to try sewing onto the indigo cloth if I could find. #sashiko #刺し子初心者 #刺し子 #olympusthread

Complete piece of Sashiko

Some close ups on the design. Which is your favourite piece?

I bought some templates to draw onto the cloth. Perhaps I could try a piece of Sakura or Maple Leaf. That should be fun too.



  1. Hey Joey, I really liked your handiwork! How much time do you spend in a week to make those designs? I wanted to get into hand stitching myself but I dont know where to get a decent set. Do you think this is a good deal for me to purchase and get started?

    1. Hi Sandy, the link you gave me is for cross stitch. It is different from Sashiko. It depends on the complexity of the design. The one on my blog is very easy and can be finished within two days.

      Cross stitch is good for beginner on handstitching and there are lots of designs out there.


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