New hobby - Dressmaking for myself

I have been sewing apparels for my children but not for myself. The biggest reason would be I have no confidence and not daring to try on new design. I hardly wear dresses as I am very comfortable with just tees and shorts.

But it is different this year. Thanks to a group of mummy sewist friends who encourage me to try and give me lots of assurance. They picked a pattern called Belladone from Deer & Doe for me to try sewing my FIRST dress.

I did a draft on cheaper cloth and seek their guidance on some parts which I have problems, especially the bias part. I did it differently from the original.

Adding pink bias tape on the pocket hem

First completed dress - Belladone using Sommer from Michael Miller

I picked Sommer from Michael Miller to sew up this sleeveless Belladone dress. Not bad for a first timer like me. I did quite a lot of unpicking especially for the bias parts and the invisible zipper due to misalignment of the waistline. But overall, I am satisfied with my first attempt.

Then, I tried adding a cap sleeve on my next Belladone dress.

Adding cap sleeve
Second Belladone using Lawn from Wonderland, Cotton and Steel

I love how my second dress turned out using lawn from Wonderland, Cotton and Steel. It can cover my fleshy arms for sure! I am going to try using Liberty fabric to make my third Belladone dress. However, I need to work on the lining to be added on. So wish me luck!