Patchwork cover for my sofa

I have always wanted to make a sofa cover for my newly bought set. Plus, I have always wanted to sew up patchwork/quilting projects to decorate my house. It is not easy to decorate now as I have a lot of packing and de-cluttering to do. I read the book - The Joy of Less and it said the floor should be only for feet and furniture. I laughed out loud to myself as my floor is full of stuff. :( But I am working towards it - definitely!

I ran through my fabric storage and took out my precut charm packs and decided to mix them up to sew up a scrappy quilt cover. I used 6 packs in all and I am so happy that I finished all my charm packs.

Sewed up some blocks

It was a bit tricky to sew up for a L-shaped sofa. But it was very fun!

View my video on my sewing progress.