Smocking bishop dresses

I could not believe that January 2018 is soon to be over and it is less than a month to Chinese Lunar New Year. I am planning to sew up some new apparels for my children and I have to do spring cleaning in the house. I do not see myself doing a major de-cluttering, rather to organise my stuff by category so that it will be easier to find and not have too many duplication.

Today, I want to share with you some of the hand embroidery bishop dresses that I made. Till this day, I love smocking on Liberty london fabrics as they are suitable to wear in our humid weather in Singapore. I use DMC cotton threads and I can never have enough of colours to select to smock the dresses. Maybe I should buy all codes so that I do not have this problem.

Here are the dresses that I made in 2018 and I have some more to make for the March boutique fair to sell.

If you are interested to pre-order one for a girl aged between 1 to 8 years old, you can email (joeycraftworkz(at)yahoo(dot)com) me for details. Choice of available Liberty prints will be given for selection.