Combination of yoyo crafts and patchwork

I was clearing my sewing craft room the other day, decluttering unused materials and notions. The process was tedious and I have accumulated lots and lots of fabrics over 8 years. I have set up a fabric ban since June and hopefully I will abide to my ban till next year. Seriously, I asked myself if I could finish using all fabrics that I owned. I have some doubts for sure.

These Kona solids are so beautiful to look at. I love rainbow colours for sure. I bought all possible colour that I could find a few years back and to me, I am definitely a fabric hoarder. I wanted to break that and cut them up to make something useful.

After careful thought and research, I decided to cut them up into circles and sew up yoyos! First of all, I sew up 9 identical colour yoyos and arrange as a block of its own. Then, after making lots of the blocks, I arranged them like what I will do for patchwork.

Green mat
This is the first green yoyo patchwork that I did so far. I love the results so far. I still have lots of green shades which are still in my box. Certainly something that I will try to work towards and clear all the kona solids. Long journey but achievable.