English Paper Piercing Workshop - Projects by students

I conducted the English Paper Piercing workshop on 6 December 2020 morning at Craft Space. There were 4 students attended. I was glad that they had fun and learn to sew a drawstring bag without a sewing machine. I taught them how to sew up the hexagons together and sew onto the outer bag.

Below are some of the completed bags.

Private class of minimum 2, maximum 4 can be arranged. You can email or PM me at Instagram or Facebook.

After the lesson, I went to Monster Curry to have lunch. Yummy, isn't it?

For other workshops, you can check at Sewing Workshops. Look out for our next embroidery workshop on 27 February 2021.

Student's review

* Attended a workshop on English Paper Piercing today. Joey was very patient and gave clear instructions on completing the project. Enjoyed the session today. Hope to join another one soon😊

* Thks Joey for teaching me english paper piecing today. Thks for the encouragement n patience. So cute bag!!! Finally done my first fully hand sewn epp drawstring bag. Tho I kena poked by needles many times I will shoulder on n handsew more. 😛