Yo-yo craft curtain

This was one of my to-do list since a few years ago when I had a yo-yo fever period way in 2019. (See previous post.) I cut hundreds and maybe thousands of circles from my current stash and scraps, sorted out by different colours and kept in a big box. 

Soon, the fever diminished and I went back to other forms of crafts - sewing, crocheting, embroidery, EPP, patchwork, etc.

This year, 2021, I went out lesser due to the current pandemic. I began to look through any WIPs that were easier to complete. I saw this box full of my colourful yoyos and began to cut more beige cloth to sew up more yo-yos.


I picked 4 colours - purple, pink, orange and blue and arranged them in 4 different segments, using the beige colours as the borders.

I used the curtain hook pins and hang up this piece of handiwork in my bedroom.

This indeed brightened up my entire room and looked cheerful every morning after I woke up from my bed. I am motivated to sew up a bigger piece for my living room or even other rooms. Hope that my motivation will be high till I finish my plan.

Try it. It is easy to do. If you want to order a customized size, you can drop me a DM via Instagram.