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Darling's new bolster cover

I have been slacking for the past one month and no creations. Finally today, I decided to make my darling a new bolster cover. That is the perk of staying at home the whole day.

I used two types of fabric - Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo Pool and Kona Solid. I have also added a dark purple ribbon in between to complement.

Cushion covers for the Lunar New Year

 Huat ah! Happy Lunar New Year to all out there. :)

These are made just in time for this festive, using Sweet Divinity Fabric by the Quilted Fish for Riley Blake - Sweet Main in Cream. I added a zipper to it. My cousins love them as well.

Edna helped me too. She was waiting for me patiently while I was measuring and cutting the fabric. I think she loves to sew too as she is curious everytime I am sewing. Yes. I have a successor in the making!