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Family customised frame

Good morning Saturday. (It's Way too early that the sky is still dark.) Also meant that I am still awake after a good movie - The Dark Knight Rises and working on my lappie after that. It has been a busy week fufilling orders and buying of 5 Japanese sewing books - Cucito, Cotton Time, etc. *beaming with joy*

Today, I want to share with you another customised photo frame that I did for my best friend's birthday. She gave me a photograph of her family at the Singapore Zoo. So I thought, I should do a layout that was related to animals and greens.

I added clouds, sun, kite, animals, flowers, leaves, fence. Here it is.

Sharing a close up of the fence which was made with real wood. I clipped 3 "Admit One" tickets on the left side, some pearl heart flatback on the top and flowers and ferns (from Magnolia die cut template). Lastly, a lace ribbon on the back and blue glitter thickers - FAMILY. Oh, not forgetting the dove wood veener from Studio Calico.

I enclosed this layou…

Poster colour painting

It is friday! But an exhausting one. Early this week, E and I were playing at the playground and I saw this leaf lying on the floor. I thought, maybe we can paint on the leaf. At first, E was afraid to hold the stem of the leaf to bring home. After some assurance, she held the leaf and was not afraid anymore.

On last sunday, hubby and E did some painting. I brought out the leaf for her. This was what she did. I think it was artistic.

She felt bored after painting. So I asked her to paint on an empty piece of drawing block. Normally, I will printed something for her to paint. This time round, I wanted to see what she can draw. Not bad I would say.

I asked her what the colours stood for. She said:

Purple = Rain
Green = Tree
Black = Black Sheep
Yellow = Duck

Oh well..... too abstract. Can u see?

Happy Friday to all!

Chicky Dress

It is yet another weather changing day. It was sunny in the morning and now it is raining heavily. Oooh, my laundry.....

Enough of my grumbling, today I wanted to share my latest creation for my daughter. I took a few days to finish. It was my first time, putting on a pocket, added sleeves and bias on the neck. But fun overall. Will improve my production time... certainly...

Told her I will be making a dress for her the other day. She picked this chicky design amongst the fruits and flowers. As usual, I traced out the design from Cucito magazine, cut the fabric and started sewing.

How I tackle the pockets?

1. I sewed the top of the pockets.
2. Then on the left and right bottom, I sewed the corners, using the biggest stitch.
3. I pulled the strings so that it will gathered.

 4. I cut the size of the pocket on a cardboard.

5. I inserted the cardboard into the pockets.

6. I ironed the sides. And they are done.

I pinned the pockets on the front of the dress

For me, I added a yellow ribbon …

May ATCs from members

It is a stormy afternoon and nothing can be done except to stay indoors to watch my Naruto Anime. Had a great lunch. Mum cooked meefen and I loved it. Saved a bit for high tea as I could not finished in one go.

Just received the last May ATC and time to reveal the rest here. Again, the theme was STRIPES.

Enjoy the cozy weather!

Couple customised photoframe

Today, I had a fun time, so did my little one who has a playmate in our house. My best friends came for a gathering. The girls made sandwiches and potato salad, while I made a Doreamon jelly for hightea. It was a great catching up where I gave them their birthday presents. Something that I made.

I shall share one in this post first. It is a couple layout.

I used a "love" cream ribbon on the right side of the layout with dew drops to decorate the borderline. There is also a pink felt emblishment with a brown heart on it. On the left side, I pasted glitters from Prima.

At the bottom, I used 3 pink roses and tied with a red ribbon (a RAK from my scrapper friend). Symoblised "I LOVE YOU". Behind is a dolly that I bought from SKP. On top there is a pair of lover birds with the word "Cherish".

Lastly, I put into the shadowbox. Nice? The couple likes my work. I am glad that I will be submitting to the following challenges:

1. Frosted Design - Sketch Along Tuesda…

May ATC - Reveal

Today is Friday the 13th. Not sure why, but my hubby and I kinda "connected" to the number 13 in one way or the other. Too many to note down.

Just received the May ATC from Felicia, the hostess with theme - STRIPES.

Now, I can reveal my design. :)

First, I picked a striped pattern paper as the background. I stamped the TV stamp from Paper Smooches.

Then I stamped on the title - NEWS FLASH, also from Paper Smooches and distressed the edges.

Coloured the TV and pasted a striped washi on the right side. Then pasted the News Flash on top of the TV.

Shall share the members' ATCs when I received the last piece.

TGIF to all!

First pants for her

Recently, I have been scrapbooking for past few weeks, making birthday and wedding gifts, plus smashing. I have indeed neglected sewing and of course made apparels for my little one which are long overdue.

I picked up my courage to browse my Cucito magazine and selected a few apparels that I want to make for her. I have never tried sewing based on the instructions given in the magazine. Mostly it was based on research on the internet and some trial and error for apparels. It was a good start and I made a few changes to the original design.

Sewing patterns are included in the magazine. I have some problems searching for the pattern. There are a lot of different sizes and designs on one page. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a breeze. I heard from my fellow sewing friend, Rahayu that adult patterns will be more pieces and combination will be needed. Aheem... let me just start with kid's first.

Then I traced out the pattern on tracing papers. Added the allowances too.

I pinne…

June ATCs from members

It is going to be a packed saturday. But it will be eventful as it is a meetup and catching up day. With wonderful weather as well. The weather is great for photo shoot at home on my 4th project and other stuffs. I like to take photographs with natural sunlight and as much as possible, not to take at night as the shadow is a killer. If I have a chance, I would like to go for courses on product photography. But I guess, it will be parked under my "TO DO LIST" again. Not sure when it will materalise, in another words.

As promised, here are the June ATCs from members. Mine is on the top right corner.

I just cleaned up my craft table. I should be taking a break from paper and back to fabrics. My daughter is excited about the fabrics I bought the other day. Hello Singer, I still remember you. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jun ATC - Reveal

I am happy today. Just received my June ATCs from my hostess, Michelle. For those who have been following me, might wonder where was my May ATC? There is a delay so I can't share till I have received them.

As mentioned in the earlier post, the June theme was DOODLE. I am not good at free-hand drawing. But at least I tried! :)

Here is my doodling....

But that is not all... I added a Bicyle wood veener.

I will be sharing my group's ATCs in the next post.

I am going to watch the finale of The Voice 2 on television channel. Good night everyone.

PS. I am sending this ATC to the following challenge. *fingers crossed*:
Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Tags or ATCs

July ATC Sneak

Half of 2012 just gone like this. We are already into the second half. Sometimes I wonder where my time went to. But I have no regrets to quit my job a year ago. I have more personal time for myself and most importantly for my family and daughter especially.

I kept forgetting what I have to do, the outstanding projects especially. I could say I have too much on my hands. Now, I made it a point to jot down and clip in front of my craft table. I have completed 3 out of 5. Just completed my July ATCs with the theme - CUPCAKES. Hosted by Lena this time round.

Here is a sneak of the stamp that I used.

I used new technique that I have never explored before. Will share once I have received the rest next month.

Now, back to my No 4 on my project list. :)