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Cushions for Besties... and bye 2012.

2012 will be ending in less than 24 hours. Tonight, our family will be out to watch the fireworks display. So what will you be doing to welcome 2013?

Today, I feel like updating my Smashbook and probably, getting ready for my first Project Life for 2013. Shall be giving myself a break in housechore today.

Previously, I mentioned that I will be sharing the designs of the cushions covers that I did for my besties as Christmas gifts. Here they are:

1. Winnie the Pooh. Different designs on the front and back. Aren't they cute?

2. Houses in green. Bestie's favorite colour.

School will start soon. The little one can't wait to play with her friends.

See you all in 2013 then!

New Disney Cushions for the House

Good morning Friday! This will be the last friday of 2012. 4 more days to 2013. That's fast.  I will be commencing Project Life in 2013. Wish me luck. Need lots of patience and determination. But I believe the support I have from the group members, I should be progressing. Ha.

I did some sewing recently and no opportunity to take a good shot due to the weather conditions - raining. I wanted to sew something big enough to reduce the fabric stash I have at home. I also packed my bookshelves and placed all my fabrics inside. Now, I have a better view of what I have in the inventory. I shall stop buying till I use most of them. :)

Same goes for my scrapbooking stuff. No more purchases.

These are the 2 disney cushion covers that I did for the house. Aren't they lovely?

I also did a set of other designs for my besties. Shall not reveal till they receive from me tomorrow.

It will be a busy packing day for the party tomorrow. Till then.

New Kawaii Girls Zip Pouch for sale

Merry Christmas to all... hope you had a great time spent with your family, loved ones and friends. The happiest person in my family was my little one who received lots of presents - new and pass-downs.

I have one new item for sale. Take a look.

Postage charge: Based on Singpost rate. Registered mail recommended. Self collection at Admiralty MRT station can be arranged Overseas (Subject to Singapore Post charges)

Payment method: Singapore (Bank internet transfer), Overseas (Paypal)

How to buy? Email to or PM at facebook.

Handmade from smoke-free and animal-free environment. As these are handmades, each will be subject to the fabric design.

First Copic Colouring - Mimi

It has been a rainy day, rained throughout the afternoon and evening. I would love to tug myself in my bed for the whole time. But that is impossible.

Packed some of my scrapbooking stuff into transparent boxes, hopefully, I remember to use them for my card making soon. Now I know why I love to keep things. Simply, I love to keep beautiful stuff. Now, I have too many scrapbook stuff, fabrics and craft books. Wonder when I will diminish them. I really wonder why.

Oh ya, I wanted to share with you my first copic colouring results. I stamped the Mimi stamp, from Penny Black. I was hooked on the copic markers.

I still need to practise more on colouring the cheeks. So which image do you like?

Will definately be using them on the cards. I just need mojo... been feeling down these days...

Life goes on...

Card making for the kids

I think I am not a person who can concentrate on doing one thing at a time. In fact, while I am typing this, I also watching Hong Kong drama on another window. And sometimes, I did some cards while watching drama.

Here are some of the cards that I just did and mailed out to my friend who is collecting for the children at the hospital.

Have a pleasant weekend....

Nov ATCs from members

It is a beautiful friday morning. Sunny and bright. It might rain later in the afternoon. But let's enjoy this moment before the weather turns bad.

These few days, I am enjoying colouring with my copic markers on some Mimi images from Penny Black. It is quite addictive I can say. Let me finish more before I share in my blog.

Here are the november ATCs from my group members. :)

Happy weekend!

Nov ATC - Reveal

Today was indeed very eventful.

First of all, I saw a lizard, lying sideway in my balcony, looking fresh. But hubby said it's dead. Shortly after, I saw a cooked, black caterpillar in my lunch pack. Only happened to have a closer look after I finished the whole pack!

Then at night, when I want to pack a small portion of my junk, I saw a hornet's nest! No wonder it liked to fly into my room... X-X

Moral of the story...I have to keep cleaning and keeping my house really tidy! I have to speed up my packing speed to uncover hidden "treasures". And most importantly, open my eyes big when eating outside food...*my appetite weaken*

Enough of my blabberness... I want to share with you my November Artistic Trading Card. Somehow, it is also an insect. Yes.. the theme was BUTTERFLY... *talk about coincidents*

First, I cut the patterned paper into the ATC size and still washi tapes and stickers...(I find that washi tapes are so useful)

 Then, I added the butterflies on top of …

Dec ATC - Sneak

In less than a month, it will be Christmas, then bye bye to 2012. It will also be the last artistic trading card exchange for the year. I will also continue to participate in 2013. The members are still as eager to look forward to more exchanges. :)

Nevertheless, you would have guess that the theme for this month is "Christmas", hosted by Jie Ying. I took out my stash which I bought last year to create the ATCs. Here is the sneak punch that I will be using.

I better finish before school holiday starts for E.

Till then.

New Zipper Pouches for the season

Need more choices for Christmas gifts? Do your friends, colleagues, family members or yourself like owls or mushrooms?

I have made 2 zipper pouches for your selection. If you prefer the smaller version which is 5"(W) x 4" (H), it can be done too.

Postage charge: Based on Singpost rate. Registered mail recommended. Self collection at Admiralty MRT station can be arranged Overseas (Subject to Singapore Post charges)

Payment method: Singapore (Bank internet transfer), Overseas (Paypal)

How to buy? Email to or PM at facebook.

Handmade from smoke-free and animal-free environment. As these are handmades, each will be subject to the fabric design.

New Drawstrings Bags - Christmas Goodies

Christmas is less than one month's away. I still have not been to Orchard to see the Christmas decoration yet. Maybe we don't have the practice to do that every year.

As mentioned in my facebook and twitter posts yesterday, I will be posting 2 limited edition drawstring bags for sale. Great as a Christmas gift for yourself or friends.

Postage charge: Based on Singpost rate. Registered mail recommended. Self collection at Admiralty MRT station can be arranged Overseas (Subject to Singapore Post charges)
Payment method: Singapore (Bank internet transfer), Overseas (Paypal)

How to buy? Email to or PM at facebook.

Handmade from smoke-free and animal-free environment. As these are handmades, each will be subject to the fabric design.
I will be posting more goodies in the upcoming posts. Look out for the updates. ;)

My New Book - SN@P Binder

I was awaken by the loud sound of the thunders and lightnings in the afternoon when I took a nap with my little one. Luckily, she was not disturbed by the sounds and could sleep like a log. :) I can't go back and sleep and decided to continue my new "toy" that I purchased.

This is SN@P binder album, from Simple Stories. I am influenced by my scrapper friends in the forum and could not resist, getting a few binders to play. I am not giving up on my SMASH books, in case you are wondering.

After careful thoughts, I decided to use the pink binder to capture my little one's birthday milestones. It was a bit challenging for me when I inserted 2 photos in the same pocket. Felt that they are dropping out anytime. My friends suggested me to put some emblishments or patterned papers so as to create a friction and they will not fall out easily. I shall try that. :)

The weather is perfect now. Cool breeze.

Hope you will enjoy a nice evening Friday.

Christmas Tags

Have you started to shop around for Christmas gifts yet? Well, I have not. No chance to go town to see the Christmas decorations. One fine night, I shall bring my little one to admire the lightings and decorations. Just hope she will be enthusiastic enough. Whenever she sees a Christmas tree, I will ask her to ask her papa to take out the one at home. He just smiled. Haiz, guys....I will try again this saturday. Or rather, we will try to "nag" again.

In fact, I have been busy making Christmas tags for customers who purchased items from me. From now (till stock last), for every item you buy, you will be receiving a complimentary Christmas Tag from me.

Here are the designs.

If you are keen in the tags instead, you can also purchase from me at $3 for 5 pieces. The size is 9.5cm x 4.5cm.

Happy Shopping!

October ATCs from members

It just stopped raining in the midday. At least it is now shining and once again I can hang up my laundry out to dry. It is quite difficult to dry them up especially it has been raining everyday in the afternoon.

Well, not all are bad. At least, my little one can listen to my "Rain Rain" story before her afternoon nap. It is quite hard to squeeze out my brain juice for stories related to rain. At least, she is not unhappy that I repeated many times of the same stories. *phew*

I have mailed out the October ATCs to all the members. Most of them have received, so I will be revealing in my blog now.

Time for nap now... what I should I say about the rain today??? (ponder hard)

October ATC - Reveal

Good Monday everyone. It is mid month again. Glad that it is a public holiday tomorrow, ie Deepavali. But then again, it makes not much difference for a stay-at-home mum who is not entitled to any annual leave or public holiday. Everyday remains the same, be it saturday or sunday. But nothing can replace the joy of watching my kid, still sound asleep every morning when I woke up, watching her opening her eyes, stretching herself the moment she is up. And give me a wide smile.... That just made my day!

Today, I am going to share my October artistic trading card design. I have mailed out the cards to the members and some of them have received them. The theme I gave was "Happy Birthday".

Here are the emblishments and tapes I used to decorate the simple card.

And the reveal....

Shall reveal the 3 designs of the 3 groups that I hosted in the next post.

Hope the weather is fine today for my big basket of laundry. Need to do some packing today... house is so messy....(life of a sta…

Birthday Cards for KKH patients

Today is a cooling night. It started raining since late afternoon and it is still drizzling now. The bad news is that the little ones in my family are coughing away, just like me. I changed medicine and took antibiotics and just hope my health will get better by the next few days.

A few days ago, I made some birthday cards for KKH patients. I participated in the "Crafting for Charity" group whereby some friends or friends' friends have connections with respective organisations. They will request to contribute self-made cards for patients or volunteers on an ongoing basis. If you are interested to participate, you can let me know. (You can make birthday, thank you, encouragement, congratulations, etc cards)

Here are the birthday cards I made that I am sharing in my blog.

Here are the closeups... 

Hope the patients will like them. Will share more designs after they are done.

Have a great night, everyone.

Nov ATC Sneak

It is November! Just one more month will be Christmas... time for gatherings and buying presents. Yesterday, I looked at my Smash Books and realised I have lots of empty pages to fill up with my mountain high of photographes that I have printed from my Selphy printer. Just don't have the mojo to start. I hope I can start somehow so that the photographes will not be rotten and forgotten. :)

Time for another sneak. Yes, the November artistic trading card. The theme given by hostess, Lena was "Butterfly".

Wish I can share the ATC that I did. But, let's just wait till I have received the rest next month.

September ATCs from members

I am going to be melted from the hot weather outside, even though I am inside my room with my fan switched on. I switched on my favorite BAD CD from MJ and enjoyed the songs. Hopefully I can forget the weather for a while.

Would like to share with you the September artistic trading cards from my group today.

 Have a good week ahead. November is coming very soon. :)

September ATC - Reveal

Decided to write a late post today. Slept too much in the afternoon and quite awake now. Finally went for a haircut. These days, the weather was unbearable - HOT. I don't have the luxury to switch on my air con as they are spoilt!

Just received the September ATCs from the hostess, Jie Ying. The theme was "Thank You/Appreciation". Shall reveal mine now. :)

First of all, I used a new dolly die cut that I bought from Krafters' Paradise in June. My first dolly and hopefully I will find something else to my liking. The finished pieces of the dollies are beautiful. The one thing I don't like to do is to piece the individual holes. :(

 Then, I added 3 Maya Road velvet flowers with brads at the bottom of the dollies.

I pasted the dollies on white cardstock. I also used the "Thank You" stamp from Hero Arts and cut out from pattern paper. I used distress ink pad over them to give a vintage feel. After that, I used thick foam to paste the "Thank You" o…

Oct ATC - Sneak

Today is the closing date for submission of the October ATC. I am the hostess for this month. The theme I gave was "Happy Birthday". :)

I have received some of the ATCs and they are so cute and pretty. I will be sharing the 3 groups designs once I have received all and complied.

What is the advantage of being a hostess? Well, I can do the ATCs later as I don't have to mail them out and best of all, I get to see the cards first before the rest. :p

Well, here is a sneak of what I will be using for the ATCs.

Have a good long weekend ahead, everyone!

More Tissue Pad Cover Designs on Sale

7 more days and it will be the end of October. My gear picked up faster these few days but also slowed down due to my cough. Luckily I am feeling better today to share three new tissue cover designs for sale.

Product Quote: Anime Blue Gal/Anime Red Gal Fabric From Japan Cost: SGD 7.90

Product Quote: Trees  Fabric From Japan Cost: SGD 6.90
Postage charge:
Based on Singpost rate. Registered mail recommended. Self collection at Admiralty MRT station can be arranged Overseas (Subject to Singapore Post charges)

Payment method: Singapore (Bank internet transfer), Overseas (Paypal)

How to buy? Email to or PM at facebook.

Handmade from smoke-free and animal-free environment. As these are handmades, each will be subject to the fabric design.

August ATCs from members

What a cooling rainy afternoon! Although I wanted to go out to get my Moomin mechandises at Kinokuniya, I guess I prefer to laze around at home and enjoy the cooling weather and hearing my little one's voice at the back of my head.

Here are the August ATCs from members of my group.

I will be the host for October with theme "Happy Birthday". Stay tuned in November for the reveal. :)

August ATC - Reveal

It is mid october already. Sometimes, I wish time flies fast, while other times, to be slow. My to-do-list is like a mountain now, especially towards Christmas period. Hopefully, my mojo will be able to catch up and reduce the load. Wish me luck!

Today, I am going to share my August ATC. The theme was, Red, White and Star and hosted by Dorcas.

I used Theresa Colin's patterned paper this time round. I punched the top edges with the American Craft's punch and stamped the "SWEET" at the right-hand bottom.

Then I stamped this jar stamp from Dear Lizzy's on a white cardstock and coloured with Copic markers. Thanks to Joanne who guided me on the usage and accompanied me to buy them at Artfriend. My little collection cannot be compared to hers. Maybe next time when I practised on humans and other designs, then I will consider buying more colours.

These were the colours used.

I cut the jars out and sprayed with Tattered Angel mist and glued some dewdrops on the front. Su…