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Homemade Curtains

You have read my tweets a few days ago that I bought some fabrics at Woodlands Checkpoint market, didn't you? Well I have made something out of it. I have decided to make curtains for my windows. Kinda sick and tired of the ones I already have.

I began by exploring and measuring my existing ones. I picked this one as it is simply irresistible.

 Some doggies, flowers, hearts. :)

 I used the leftover stashes from Ikea. Heart-shaped thou.

Nice, right? Well, this is just one piece. I need to buy more fabric for my other rooms! I will also be using the same to make a mattress cover and pillowcase. Busy soon!

Sony Nex 3 camera effects - updated

I have made 2 new pillowcases with fabrics bought from IKEA - Eva Lundgreen 2008. Two different sets - red and green series. Hubby had just updated the Sony Nex 3 camera's software and there are some new camera effects which are quite fun.

Buttercup simply loves to suntan. Wish I can do the same. :)

Oh btw, anybody knows where I can purchase Doraemon fabrics?

Drawstring Bag

July is a giveaway month. Why? I have some reasons to do so. Birthdays, happy occasion, etc. This is my first gift that I have sewed for July. Something I attempted to make. Drawstring bag!

Bought this fabric at Spotlight. Added a brown grosgrain ribbon on top to hold and hide the pink thread. It is a double layered bag. Not sure if she has unwrapped the present. I shall not revealed who I gave to then. :)

Now, what shall I do next for the giveaway?

Hmm.. I shall make more for sale soon.

Sewing Tool Bag

My latest fabric arrival from USA came just 7 days. The fastest that I ever received. Without much thinking, I picked this Appleville Prints by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, 100% Cotton Fabric, added a brown ribbon and batting. And my sewing kit bag is done.

Buttercup also loves this as it is just nice for her to fit in. The fabric colours are also matching to her. I can put all my notions into this bag so that I will be able to find them in no time. ;)