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Happy Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers!

If you asked me if I remembered mine, well, some of them who made an impact on me. This year is special as my little one is having her first Teachers' Day. Though the school never celebrate, I still think she should make something to thank them.

She was very excited to do art and craft. We bought the paper plates in the supermarket and I told her we can used them to make things. I found my pen-like stamps that she can used too. She stamped on the centre of the plate.

We waited for the stamp to dry and continued the next day. I prepared the petals according to the colours she used for the buds. I guided her on the usage of glue and I could say "not bad".

She was so happy to see the results of her efforts.

I guided her by using washi tapes to paste the stick at the back of each flower.

And she is all set to give to her teachers later.

August ATC Sneak

The deadline for August ATC is approaching and I did not start till yesterday when I felt better. I had a few ideas on my mind but was thrown out as I tried them.

Finally, the last sample I made turned out quite well and I managed to complete them. :)

The theme was Red, White and Star, hosted by Dorcas. This was a National Day theme.

Here is a sneak of one tool I used.

This is one of the Knock Out punch I have from American Crafts. One thing I like about participating in ATC exchange was that I get to use my scrapbook materials and be able to receive other people's inspirations. If you are interested to participate, do let me know.

Happy long weekend to all!

Homeschool - Opposites Flashcards

Very nice weather today! Cooling and not as warm like the previous days. I am down with cough and blocked nose... seems the virus could not disappear from my house. My little one has been sick for a month. Sick means no mood and motivation to craft and sew. :(

I must admit the absorption power of my little one. She can pick things up fast. Of course, SELECTIVELY I must say. Asked her to keep her things, she will take her own time or simply ignore. But when it comes to new things or toys, she will be sitting attentively to hear what you have to say.

She can recognise most of the OPPOSITES from one book. So I decided to make them into flashcards for her to play and test her.

I used powerpoint slides and printed them on colour printer before I laminated them. I pasted a velcro at the back. I also re-used an existing velcro board that has been hanging on my wall for her to paste the velcro cards.

She knows them all now... Time for me to search for more OPPOSITES.

Happy Hari Raya Puasa to …

Bumpers for Baby Cot

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

I did some packing over the two days and meeting up friends for meals. So how did you spend your national day?

Some time back, my friend Joyce approached me to help her sew bumpers for her daughter's cot. Not the normal kind where it is a long, continuous piece of bumper where you just have to tie to the poles. Joyce was very concerned about her daughter's wellbeing. The long bumper proved hazarous for her daughter as she tended to lift up with her legs and in the process, bumping herself against the poles.

After gathering more information from her, the conclusion was to sew a bumper for each pole.

I prepared 38 similar bumpers and inserted polyester filling. I added velcro for ease of installation on the poles.

Here is how it looked like after covering all poles.

And Hayley was enjoying herself inside the cot. Now her mummy is so relieved and not afraid of Hayley injuring herself. This also gives better ventilation while she is sleeping or p…

Featured Seller at

Tomorrow is our country's 47th National Day. In fact, it will be a super long weekend for students, half day in school today and subsequent 4 days will be holidays! Crafty mummy will be very busy entertaining my daughter at home for these days, so I better share the good news with everyone today. :)

I started selling my handmades at another great online place called It is vey easy to use and the best part is that as a starter for sellers, you get to list 25 items, absolutely FREE! No listing fee and no commission fee. If you are thinking of listing your items online and sell, why not try there! :)

Now the good news. My shop is featured at! (Click here)

 In this interview, I shared my journey as an entreprenuer and why I chose to sell my handmades.

So what will you be doing this long weekend?

I wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day!

Awarded Top 3 at Frosted Design - Fabulous Friday Challenge One Word Title

I feel soooo happy today. A great deal to my scrapbooking pathway....

I have just been awarded Top 3 at the Frosted Design - Fabulous Friday Challenge One Word Title! Woohoo!!

And which layout did I submit and win? Here it is:

I would like to thank my best friend who gave me a chance to create this wonderful keepsake. If you want to read the details of my work, you can visit my previous post here.

Happy weekend everyone!

Green pants .. yet again

It hasn't been raining at night for a long, long time. I like it! How about you?

Yesterday, I finished sewing one pair of pants for my little one. Yes, you might already knew that it is green in colour (again!).

Last sunday, we went to my old neighbourhood market. I always like to visit market and check if there are any cute fabrics to buy home and sew stuff. The designs they had in their shop are quite unique and most likely I can't find in other places. However, the width of the cloth is slightly smaller than the quilt ones. I have some difficulties cutting out the measurement for a pair of long pants. I decided to cut short and made into a 3/4 pants instead.

This time round, I asked her to pick 2 designs. Just in case she does not want to wear, hee, at least I can tell her it was her who picked them. ;p

Here is the fabric pattern, with rabbits this time.

This is what I made.

I had a hard time taking photographs of her. She was running around the house and cheekily refused…