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May ATC Group Reveal


I am surprised to see so many usages of the twines that I could not imagine myself to think of in the first place. Look at how my other group mates did in designing their ATC with their twines.

Maybe I should start to explore further on twines. But then again, that is still not my priority. I would want to maintain my project life album and do some preschool homeschooling materials.

Shall be revealling the June ATC sneak soon. :)

Journal cards she made for Project Life

June holidays are approaching. So will my outings be commenced. Yippee!

Just two days ago, my elder girl was so tempted to stick and paste those sticker emblishments I have for scrapbooking onto her chair. I did not gave in to her cos they are not cheap and not meant for her to paste onto her learning chair!

What I allowed her to do was to select some little ones and paste onto some of the journalling cards I have done for project life, with her photos on it. I told her specifically that she should not paste onto the photos and words, just the white space around.

She has LOTS of fun. Did not just 1 card, but at least 8 of them. The way she did was not bad at all. Great for me as I ran out of ideas in decorating. Besides, project life is all about her (for now). So she gets to design, isn't that great?

Here are some of the cards she did.

Journalling cards for Project Life

Finally, I have started updating my March and April photos for project life. All within a few days. Well, of course with all the photos printed beforehand. I have finished them all. I will be selecting and editing the May photos after the month ends.

I realised that I should not think too much to decorate one journal card. And even after finished one, I must move on to the next one and not dwell again, otherwise I won't be able to finish. (Well, it seems to also reflect on my other crafts too...haha)

Here are some of the designs I have made to share.

I also made the June titlecard.

So what is the status of your project life now? I might need to buy another album. Let's see what if there is any good buys during the Great Singapore Sale.

May Artistic Trading Card Design Reveal

May is coming to an end. June is approaching, which means there will be lots of activities I have to plan for my daughter so that she will not be bored. I have some stuffs planned, just a matter of fulfilling with no hiccups (which I think I could not avoid).

As in my previous post, the theme for the May ATC was twine, hosted by Karen. I do not have lots of twines at home. I do not even know how to make full use of them. I am not good with twines, but I have lots of other types of threads - for knitting, crocheting, tatting, sewing...gee, I missed playing with those threads that I hoarded in my room. ;( I wish I have a revamped craft room to store all my craft stuff in just one room. Now, they are everywhere!

I did a very simple ATC this time.

First, I selected some flat-back butterfly buttons. Eventually I picked the blue ones.

Then I tied them up with red and white twine into a ribbon knot.

 This time, I used the "made with love" washi tape and these two roller stamps.


Project Life Title cards

Yes, I am very backdated with Project Life. I looked through the amount of photos that I have yet to edit and print and those I have printed. Gosh! I am indeed very good at taking photos... LOL! My project life album is full of photos more than journalling. Looks like I might need to get another album, pretty soon. Is there a sale coming in this Great Singapore Sale?

To kick off, I think it will be good to start off with the title cards for the months first, the rest will follow, I hope.

Now, I am trying to catch up with more sleep. I have night duties awaiting for me that will last for a few months or at least a year.

Long weekend is coming soon. Pity I could not go out yet. Enjoy yours, ya?

February ATC Group Reveal

Here are the group designs for the February ATC theme.

We only received 8 ATC this time round. But nevertheless, they are all priceless for keepsake. I am always amazed that there can be so many different designs from the same topic. We are all so creative. Hehe. :)

Would you like to join in the fun? Let me know and I can introduce you to the group.

February Artistic Trading Card Design Reveal

Finally I have some "me-time" after my dinner to share with you my February ATC design. I have received the bundle a little late than usual. Some of the members' ATCs were lost in the mail transition and also lost under registered article. Some of them even re-did twice and still lost. I can't believe that they can be lost, especially under registered article.

The theme for February was "Love", hosted by Olive. This design was done very quickly as this is quite a universal topic for scrappers. I have lots of stuff related to love, just a matter of placing them together.

First, I stamped the "It's a girl" stamp and chose some pink ribbons that I bought from Daiso.

Then I stamped the "Love You" and "So very much" from Technique Tuesday onto the checker paper. Pasted the felt heart, ribbon and "It's a girl" on the same background.

Group designs coming next.

March ATC Group Reveal

The weather is getting more hazy and cloudy. And the pile of backlog for Project Life gets higher and higher. I began to start a new diary for the backlogs (March onwards) so that I can refer to any time when I start my motor again for project life.

I managed to take a photo of the group ATCs for March - Calendar theme. I am amazed to see the different designs from different people with the same topic.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. So how are you spending your time with your mother?

March Artistic Trading Card Design Reveal

Hello everyone!

It has been some time that I last blogged. Been super busy for the past weeks, not forgetting tiring. I have not worked on my May ATC even thou I used to be among the first few to mail out in the same group. I hope I can start to work on something next week.

I just received my March ATC from the host - Jeanette with the theme - Calendar. I admit that it was quite a challenge for me in the beginning as I did not have much scrapbook materials with that theme. Luckily, I managed to find one patterned paper with calendar months on them.

I gathered the stamps and materials needed on my table first. Stamped this Theresa Colin's stamp onto the sticker paper with red Stanzon stamp. I love this "Remember This" ticket stamp which is quite unique.

I prepared the tags by adding twine and ribbon onto the tag hole.

Here are the emblishments I used for the cards.

Finally, I assembled the materials onto the cards.

Hope you like this retro feel ATC. Watch out for the grou…