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Customized Wedding Frame

The weekend is here and it will be packed with activities and work. I am listening to the radio while typing on my lappie. I realised I am never tired listening to Michael Jackson's songs. I was his big fan in the 90s, been to 2 of his concerts in Singapore. Till now to me, no one can do better stage performance than him.

You can say I am quite a sentimental person. You will soon find out why from the frame that I made. Do you still remember my gift pack with the dolly on it? I presented it to my friend yesterday. Now I can reveal what was in the pack.

Let's start from the beginning.....

First, I picked a white frame.

I added emblishments on the bottom of the frame. I used the lacy ribbon as the base, followed by the silver heart charm, love tile, studio calico's man and woman wood veener and "You & Me" thicker. Added pink rinestone on "&" to make it stand out. I also included 2 pink Prima flowers to give a sweet overall.

On the top of the fr…

Playing with Dolly

Today is the first day of school. Most parents are busy settling their kids not wanting to go to school. But mine is the opposite. She can't wait to go to school in the morning. I am happy that she loves to go, play with her friends and learn from her teachers.

With her in school, I have more time to craft. *happy* I just finished one gift for my friend which I will be sharing later. Today I want to share something new for me.

I have seen lots of fantastic photographes shared by my friends in SBM about the usage of dolly. After some thoughts, I used it on my gift pack. I secured with a music note brad. Saved on tape.

Shall reveal what is inside soon.

Happy Monday!

Training her motor skills

School holidays are ending this weekend which means I will have more ME time soon. :) Crafty mummy brought out her new "secret weapon" for her little one to play - playing dough.

There are many dough toys sold in the market. Some are expensive, some are cheap. For a start, I bought one from Daiso, my favorite store which just cost $2. There are 10 different colours and there is a cow mould on top of the container. One thing to note is the dough is oily for a start, but it will be less oily after playing.

As usual, we played on her blue Ikea table in the living room. She picked her favorite green colour to begin with.

She loves to slice and cut using a toy knife. Must have watched too much kitchen related youtube videos. Especially the Anpanman kitchen, the kitchen is so beautiful.

She loves this new activity. Shall rotate with other activities so that she will not get "sick" of this. Her concentration level is not bad for this - an hour seated on her chair.

Shall …

Happy Father's Day

My little one did this in class for her dearest papa, though she does not know that there is such a day. She painted on this tie-shaped paper.

What did your kids make for their papas? Share with us if yours did.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there!

Jun ATC Sneak

It was a VERY VERY HOT day today. Even night time too. Best of all, our aircon is spoilt which we don't intend to buy a new one. Who knows, maybe we have to blast two fans in our bedroom. haa.

I had no idea what to do for the June ATC design. Michelle is the hostess for the month. The theme she gave was DOODLE.

Doodle? I am bad at drawing ah! The game - Draw Something, never helped much. I had stopped playing since no friends wanted to continue the games.

So, I delayed and delayed till last night, something came up. Maybe due to the painting sessions I had with the little one.

Here's a sneak:

I quite like the wooden feel from Studio Calico. I have the birds, people, banners, cameras, travel.. maybe I will want to get other new designs when they are for pre-ordering. hmmm..

Anyway, I have finished the ATC within 2 hours. Very simple. Will share more when I have received the rest.

Happy Weekend!

Another artist in the family

E is currently having her school holidays. Her mummy is busy organising activities for her to do during this period, hence no spare time to do her own crafts or smashing.

I went crazy looking at activity books and free downloadable packs. Now, my printers and laminating machine are busy, working overtime as well. I have only myself to blame, as I never prepared way before her holidays. *haiz*

On one fine day, I discovered that she loved to paint than colour with colour pencils or crayons. I decided to bring out my acrylic paints for her to paint. Alas!! Then I realised the paints were difficult to wash off as they were oil based. I had to throw away the brushes and paint palette. Went to the bookshop again and grabbed the poster colours instead.

I also discovered that instead of using normal white printing paper, I used drawing block to print the pictures. The drawing block can better absorbed the poster colour and it won't create holes when the brush was too wet.

She knew how to…

Shadowbox Layout for my good, old friend

Just finished my Shadowbox layout for my good, old friend, Ivan and his lovely family. The size of shadowbox is 9" x 9", just nice for a gift I feel.

I have not been doing a layout for some time now. But I am glad that it turned out better than expected. I used washi tapes on the top right corner. *grin* Indeed, the power of washi tapes are better than expected. Thanks to my facebook scrapbooking friends.

With flowers and ribbon....

Hope they like it when they see the actual piece.

Now I have the inspiration to make one for my 2 best friends for their upcoming birthdays in July.

If you are interested to make one for yourself or as a gift to someone, you can contact me at

Happy Friday!

Hand bouquet that I did for wedding

After a short break in smashing, I decided to continue to be SMASH CRAZE...

Here are the steps that I gave myself so that I won't forget any.

Step 1: Select photos to print - in progress
Step 2: Organise the photos
Step 3: Pick the SMASH book
Step 4: SMash Smash ......

There are hundreds and hundreds of photos to look through and edit. Huge task!

I was looking at the folders and saw a hand bouquet that I did for my sister's ROM 2 years ago.

Selected the better ones and arranged into a cube-like shape.

Added ribbons!

My sister was delighted with my bouquet! It can passed off as purchased from the florist. ;)

Shall added these photos into my smash album.

Silver Jewelleries - Personalised prints of your loved ones

I participated in the Motherhood Fair held at Singapore Expo, under B&G Lifecasting yesterday. Besides the castings that we are offering, we also have personalised jewelleries, prints of your loved ones on cufflinks, pendant, charms, etc. They are handmade in UK and 99.9 silver.

There are some new products that I wanted to share with you. You might want to consider purchasing for your loved ones or even for yourself as a memento.

For more designs, you can click the following links:

Pendant prints - Click here.
Cufflinks prints - Click here.
Charms prints - Click here.

Contact me at if you are interested.

Happy Sunday!