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Books that I read during leisure

I have been busy smashing till I think I am overdosed - completed 21 pages within a week. Haha. It is time to take a short break from it and focus on other stuff.

During my leisure, I love to read and flip on books and magazines on sewing. They balanced me with the busy schedules I have at home, tending E and housechore stuff. Currently I am reading these 2 magazines that I bought from Kinokuniya.

This Cotton Time magazine gives me lots of inspiration to sew and create. I am admiring all the beautiful fabrics and stuff they made. Envy Envy! I wished I know Japanese language so as to read the articles they have.

Saw this Cucito magazine in the store the other day. I was so happy that it has chinese version now. However, it is more expensive than the Japanese version. I was thinking if I should buy the Japanese version instead because of the cost. The thought of unable to read the language frustered me quite a bit. I guess, it will be chinese for now, till I start sewing. Saw some nice …

Important tools for Smashing

So fast... today is the last sunday of the month and most of the kids are having their school holidays now. Not mine thou, as her holidays will start in the mid June. Might as well, so that she can learn more in class and I will have more time to SMASH. *LOL*

Two hands up for smashing! So far, I have completed 15pages of 38 photographes. Since I prefer to smash, I purchased another 3 more smash books, thanks to AiYen for organising the spree. That will make 7 books in total. The other 2 designs - Yellow and Wedding are not in my list.

There are 2 important tools that I want to share that made my smashing easier.

1. The Printer

Jesslyn introduced to me this photo printer, which I can print at the comfort of my home, 24 x 7. I can print 2 photos one on postcard size paper. Great size for smashing and save cost too. Will be going to the upcoming PC Show to buy more photo papers. Oh btw, the printer cartridge will print the exact number of sheets per pack. Eg, if the pack is for 36 sheets…

SMASH stuff

I wanted to go out today, however, my gal had her jab this morning and hubby said we better rest at home. She was very brave for a young child. She looked at the doctor and saw her jabbed on her arm, though the doctor tried to divert her attention elsewhere. Immediately, she cried when the pain started. Luckily it was not for long.

We brought her to eat ice cream at Macdonalds to appease her. It was so funny looking at her, trying to lick the ice cream.

I have been sewing for the past weeks and neglected scrapbooking. Just bought the Canon Selphy CP800 printer through a friend's recommendation. I would love to develop photographes at the comfort of my home so that I need not to accumulate and delay the scrapbooking part.

I bought some SMASH books and accessories last month. I have not decided what to do with them.

Better use my Selphy printer and decide which SMASH book to use.

Have a great weekend.

April ATCs from members

It is friday! Ya! How will you be spending your weekend? I just finished my May ATCs and will be posting out today. It is another design apart from my normal style. Hopefully my friends will like it.

I just collected my April ATCs from Carol the other day. They are so nicely done.

I placed them all in the folder. Niceeee!

Enjoy your weekend!

May ATC Sneak

I have to admit that I am getting older. Do you have the same problem as me? Waking up at the same time, despite the time you slept the previous night? Walking alarm clock I must say.

I am gearing up the mood to start my MAY ATC. Shall we take a peek at what I will be using?

Thanks to WaiSum from SBM who introduced a whole range of stamps from Paper Smooches. I am excited to receive other designs from her later this month. They are great to use for scrapbooking and card making.

Now, which shape will I be using? I'm still deciding....

April 2012 ATC - Reveal of Group 2

Today is an extremely hot day. However, the laundry was dried up so easily and I love the sunny smell of the clothes. *hmmmmmmm...*

Last weekend was packed with activities, bringing the little one out to celebrate mother's day. How did you spent your mother's day?

I was glad that my project just ended and I began to pack my craft room. Now it is so much neater than before. What I meant was, I can now stepped into the room easily without stepping onto a cloth or paper. I still do not have the courage to showcase the room yet. Still not as organised as my other craft friends. :)

I am supposed to start my MAY ATCs hosted by Felicia. Her theme was STRIPES. I have a rough idea on how to make them.

The second design was much easier to make. After I cut the cardstock into 9 pieces, I sprayed with the Chalkboard Tattered Angels mist onto the front of the cardstock.

I used the Kaisercraft Tic Tock clear stamp as the background and stamped onto the cardstock.

I edged the cardstock wit…

April 2012 ATC - Reveal of Group 1

Do you still remember what was the April theme for the ATC? Yes, it was DISTRESSED TECHNIQUE. (You can refer to my earlier post)

I will be collecting the April ATCs next week. Some of us have already received their set. Ooh, I can't wait to see them. I joined 2 groups, so in total I made 18 ATCs. It was challenging for me to thnk of 2 designs especially in April. My hands were too tight and packed. So for the upcoming MAY, I decided to join just one group.

Here is a reveal of the ATC I made for the first group.

I used this stamp - TREASURE which I bought in facebook. Really nice, isn't it?

Then I used the distressed ink and applied on the edges of the paper.

I squashed the paper as much as I can. Then I applied the same ink on the surface.

After that, I pasted onto a orange cardstock.

Nice ain't they?
I will be sharing the other design in the next post. ;) Stay tuned.

Booklet that I made at the copic stitching workshop

OMG! It is May now!

It seems to me that I have lots of projects to do than before. I was talking to my hubby just now on the topic of SAHM vs Working Mum. We both agreed that I am busier now than before. Lots of things on my plates. However, I get to do my own things and watching E grows up. What more can I asked for?

Last month, I attended a workshop on Copic Stitching, thanks to Juanna for sharing on her blog. I was curious to find out how on earth we can bind papers into a book using stitching.

This workshop was organised by The Little Happyshop. It was indeed a fun day, learning how to stitch and bind a book.

I hope to revise my sewing skills and able to use my fabric stash. What a great combination of fabric and scrapbook. ;)

Does that mean I can buy more? Opps....